eciWireless – Camden Yards

eciWireless is a major player in the cellular infrastructure business in and around Pennsylvania. They are constantly installing cell towers and antennas in new and interesting places, and occasionally I get to tag along.

On this day, Don Wren’s crew was installing Remote Radio Units (RRUs), which increase the cellular coverage area and input/output capacity of existing antennas.


At the first site, Don’s crew installed RRUs overlooking the Ravens stadium on one side… cy2

And Camden Yards on the other. eciWireless has installed cellular infrastructure in both sports arenas. cy3 cy4

The RRUs had to be assembled on the ground and then carried up elevators through the building. The elevators don’t go to the roof, however, and each unit had to be pulled up the last two floors by hand. cy5

…and up to the roof. cy6 cy7 cy8