Dave & Bridget – Pittsburgh, PA Wedding

On December 6, 2013, I had the privilege of shooting the wedding of Dave and Bridget Wenrich.

Bridget has been one of my fiancee’s best friends since college, and Dave’s the best thing that’s happened to Western Pennsylvania since the Steelers. Taking their wedding pictures was a blast. I love you guys!

didget24 didget3 didget4 didget25 didget2 didget6 didget7 didget8 didget10 didget12 didget9 didget27 didget11 didget15 didget16 didget17 didget21 didget18 didget23 didget19 The picture below is my favorite from the wedding. It was from the mother-son dance with Dave and Kimberly, his mother. They’re adorable. =] didget20


And thank you to Lorah for laying out this photo arrangement. You’re the best, Lorah. =]