Matt & Jackie – Gettysburg, PA Engagement

Oh my goodness. I love these people.

I talked to Jackie a LONG time before their wedding and she was leaning toward no on engagement pictures. I signed on for their wedding and that was the end of it- until a couple of months before the date of the wedding. They were thinking, ‘maybe we should meet this strange man who is shooting our wedding,’ and I was thinking, ‘YAY FARM PICTURES IN GETTYSBURG!’

Neither of us were disappointed. Matt and Jackie are so much fun, Tucker is probably the best dog I’ve ever encountered, and the farm is gorgeous.

Just wait for the wedding pictures, they’re fantastic.

Jackie1 Jackie2 Jackie3 Jackie5 Jackie6 Jackie28 Jackie16 Jackie7 Jackie8 Jackie14 Jackie10 Jackie9 Jackie11 Jackie12 Jackie13 Jackie17 Jackie18 Jackie24 Jackie20 Jackie21 Jackie23 Jackie22 Jackie25 Jackie26 Jackie27